Butadiene – will the good times last?
21st April 2011 by

By Malini Hariharan A question that every butadiene buyer has been asking for a long time is when wi...

Japan Disaster 4 – The Impact On Paraxylene
14th March 2011 by

By John Richardson ASIAN paraxylene (PX) and styrene markets look set to be the most affected by the...

Will Three Still End Up As One in Qatar?
21st December 2010 by

By John Richardson SHELL Chemicals announcement that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MO...

Aromatics May Suffer From Strong Reformer Economics
20th July 2010 by

By John Richardson ASIAN aromatics producers are struggling from an oversupply driven both by weak d...

Iran Petchems Hit By New Sanctions
8th July 2010 by

  Source of picture: irantrip1wordpress.com     By John Richardson IRAN’S abili...

Formosa awaits approval for big expansions in China
1st April 2010 by

By Malini Hariharan In a research note released today, UBS has highlighted plans by Formosa Chemical...

China Polyolefin Buyers Smell Blood……
25th March 2010 by

…..but time to party for some thanks to re-exports to Brazil Source of picture: edgsgonesouth....

China Labour Shortage Threat To Chem Demand Grows
22nd March 2010 by

“Sorry, but there’s more to life – I really don’t want to do this anymore...

Benzene: What Lies Beneath
5th February 2010 by

A Ring of Truth? Source of picture: http://web.pdx.edu/~nathanh/benzene/benzene2.gif   By John ...

Thai Start-up Delays On Court Ruling: The Details
4th December 2009 by

The Thai Supreme Court’s decision to uphold a September injunction halting development of $12b...

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