The blog in 2013
31st December 2013 by

The blog’s audience has continued to set new records in 2013.  It is now well on the way to i...

Age range and income level key to future corporate profits
30th December 2013 by

Every parent believes their children are above average – more beautiful and intelligent than a...

France’s pension age stays low, whilst New Old 55+ generation increases
28th December 2013 by

France, with GDP of $2.6tn, is the 5th and final profile in the blog’s series on the impact ...

German New Olders have cash to spend, but few companies bother with their needs
26th December 2013 by

Germany is the world’s 4th largest economy ($3.4tn), and so is the next to be studied in the b...

China auto sales could drop if lending squeeze continues
24th December 2013 by

Imagine for a moment that you had become president or premier of China following the leadership tran...

“2 Steps and Then a Stumble”, as the Fed starts to taper
23rd December 2013 by

The most important event of the past week, and possibly of the whole year, was Wednesday’s dec...

The trend is your friend, until it isn’t
21st December 2013 by

Investing in today’s financial markets is relatively easy.  You simply have to believe that g...

Deflation far more likely than inflation
20th December 2013 by

The last in the blog’s series on things that we think we know, but may not, looks at the prosp...

Demand now the key driver for future US petchem profitability
19th December 2013 by

Will the US be able to sell all its planned new petchem volumes?  That is the 3rd topic in the blo...

“Stagnation might prove to be the new normal” for the US
18th December 2013 by

The blog returns today to its series on how demographic changes are impacting the 5 largest economi...

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