Free China Outlook Webinar On Wednesday

By John Richardson

ChinaeconomyTHE blog has spent the last three years focusing heavily on China’s economy. Our analysis, which predicted China’s  about turn, has now gone mainstream.

And now we are running two free webinars on Wednesday (23 April), which will provide our readers with our views on where we think China is heading over the next three years and more. We will focus on:

•China’s lending bubble and its impact on chemical demand.

•Today’s problems of over-capacity and pollution.

•The demographic drivers.

•Seven key changes for the future.

The webinars, co –hosted with Paul Hodges, fellow blogger and joint author of our online book, Boom, Gloom & The New Normal, will be held at these two following times:

•15:00 Singapore time for Asian and Middle East audiences.

•15:00 UK time (10:00 EST) for European and American audiences.

Please click here to register for the time that suits you best.

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