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Global Warming And The Impact On Ethylene

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By John Richardson on 13-Feb-2007

Please read this excellent piece from my colleague Nigel Davis, who is editor of the Insight section of ICIS news.Some further thoughts: if 46% of existing and 45% of future ethylene production is taken offline by flooding, just think of the impact on food pricing and distribution and the resulting social and economic chaos due to the shortage of food–packaging material. These estimates maybe wrong, but if Lehman Brothers are only halfway right God help us, and I don’t just mean the chemicals industry. On a more immediate bottomline level, how many banks, consultants and project proponents are factoring in the increased risks of flooding into feasibility studies? Or does anyone really care enough to look beyond their next promotion or their imminent retirement? If you won’t be around in 10 years’ time, why bother asking awkward and potentially career-threatening questions?