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It’s tough at the top…….

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By John Richardson on 05-Feb-2009

It’s easy to take pot shots at the boss, and everyone of course feels they have been underpromoted and could do the job better themselves. Andrew Liveris is just the latest in a long line of CEOs to experience both envy – and at the moment perhaps a little pleasure at their failures. The gloating reaches extroardinary heights in the comments posted on this Wall Street Journal blog entry.

Sure, he should have seen the crisis coming and not agreed to pay such a high price for Rohm & Haas.

And sure, a man being paid such massive sums of money perhaps should have had sources inside Kuwait who would have forewarned him that the commodities merger was going to collapse.

Perhaps we should also expect him to secure world peace, reverse global warming and prevent Manchester Utd from ever winning a Premiership championship again.