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Europe’s migrant influx threatens Schengen

Economic growth
By Paul Hodges on 02-Sep-2015

BBC Shengen Sept15Europe’s migrant crisis is creating a risk that the free movement of individuals and trade within Europe might be restricted.  We take this for granted today, as the Schengen Agreement of 1995 has largely abolished border checks within 26 European countries – covering a population of over 400 million people and an area of 4,312,099 square kilometres (1,664,911 sq mi).

I was invited to appear on the BBC World Business report last night, to explain why the Schengen Agreement is so important for business.  I described what life was like before the Agreement came into place, drawing on my own experience as a product manager, in order to explain the benefits it has created.

Please click here if you would like to listen to the interview.