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“You can’t turn back the demographic tide”

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By Paul Hodges on 04-Jan-2013

Merryn Dec12.pngThe financial magazine MoneyWeek have produced a new video in their Investment Tutorial series, looking at the impact of today’s ‘demographic cliff’ on the economy.

Editor-in-Chief Merryn Somerset Webb suggests this is “One of the key bits of information that you need, to understand what’s going on in the West today” and adds:

“It doesn’t matter how much monetary stimulus you put in, how much fiscal stimulus you put in, you can’t turn back the demographic tide.

“There will be a point in the future when people will look back on the way we are behaving now, trying to regain the growth of the past when we don’t have the demographics of the past, and think we were completely mad.

“What do we do about it? That’s a tricky one. But recognising it, recognising the change, is surely the first step towards being able to deal with it!”

Please click here to see the full video.