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Free ‘pH Report’ webinar tomorrow

Economic growth
By Paul Hodges on 24-Nov-2014

pH Report logoI am very much looking forward to presenting ‘The pH Report’ free webinar tomorrow, Tuesday 25 November.

This will take place twice, at 08.00 GMT and 15.00 GMT, to enable everyone to take part from different regions. It will include a Q&A, to cover the critical questions for your business and investments.

Please register here to join the 08.00 GMT webinar
Please register here to join the 15.00 GMT webinar

The key issues we will discuss will focus on last week’s post, “Conventional wisdom has been proved wrong again“:

  • COMMODITY MARKETS, how low will oil go over time?  There seems little to support prices above $50/bbl in 2015, given the obvious energy glut in oil, gas and coal markets
  • CURRENCY MARKETS, how much higher can the US$ go?  The yen is already down by 1/3rd versus the $ since Premier Abe took office, and now the euro is sliding too

We will also discuss the indirect impacts, as these challenge most of today’s ‘conventional wisdom’:

  • ASIA, how will China’s transition to major exporter play out?  Its economic slowdown means it is already a net exporter of PVC, and will soon have surplus C2/C3 capacity
  • MIDDLE EAST, how will the GCC adapt to the energy supply glut?  We assume companies will use their advanced cost position to preserve market share
  • EUROPE, how will companies adapt to the continuing economic slowdown?  The fall in oil prices and the euro creates a number of new opportunities for exports
  • N AMERICA, how will companies sell out their new C2 capacity?  Current production remains below pre-2008 levels, so the scale of the challenge is immense

I hope you will be able to join us.