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Why have US economic growth and inflation gone negative?

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By Paul Hodges on 03-Jun-2015

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Chemistry & the Economy:  2015 Mid-Year Review

Why did US GDP go negative, again, in Q1?  Why is the US seeing deflation rather than the expected inflation?  Is this really just due to bad winter weather?

These are the questions I will discuss in my next ‘Chemistry & the Economy’ webinar for the American Chemical Society tomorrow.  We will focus on these key issues:

  • The global population is ageing: fertility rates have halved since 1950, life expectancy is up by 50%
  • Household spending drives GDP, and it declines past the age of 50 – 55 years
  • Central banks have tried to compensate by creating wealth effects via sub-prime and quantitative easing
  • China’s New Normal policies are now the catalyst for change
  • Affordability and new technologies will be the winning strategies for the future

Please join me on Thursday to discuss these and other critical issues in my ‘Mid-Year Review’ for the American Chemical Society.  It will be moderated by Mark Jones of Dow Chemical.

ACS Jun15The webinar takes place on  Thursday @ 2pm – 3pm Eastern US Time

Free registration is at Chemistry & the Economy: 2015 Mid-Year Review