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Impact of $25/bbl oil – free pH Report webinar tomorrow

Economic growth
By Paul Hodges on 28-Sep-2015

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The consensus failed to forecast last year’s oil price collapse.  So is today’s conventional wisdom correct to suggest that prices will now stabilise at current levels and then move higher?

We focus on this critical issue in tomorrow’s free webinar from The pH Report:

  • The potential for $25/bbl to be the “new normal” for oil prices
  • Impact of China’s slowdown on its future petchem import needs
  • US petchem expansion plans need to be urgently reviewed
  • Demand-led, service-based strategies are key to future profit

Please join me for this free webinar from The pH Report tomorrow, Tuesday 29th September. As usual, it will include a Q&A to enable discussion of the critical questions for your business and investments.

Please register here to join the 08.00 BST (GMT+1hr) webinar
Please register here to join the 15.00 BST (GMT+1hr) webinar

I hope you will be able to join the webinar, and look forward to the discussion.