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The blog’s 4th birthday

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By Paul Hodges on 02-Jul-2011

Blog Jul11.pngThe blog is now 4 years old.

Its readership continues to expand around the world. It is read in 137 countries and 5379 cities, as shown on the above map.

Readers are also incredibly loyal. Over the past year, 39% have visited the blog at least once a week. This is up from 34% in the previous year. And overall, an astonishing 83% visited regularly over the past 12 months, up from 78%.

It also continues to expand its activities. The American Chemical Society offer a regular 6 monthly webinar to their 100,000 members, with the next one due on Thursday. They are very happy for any blog reader to join this free event, simply by registering here.

The regular YouTube interviews with ICB’s Will Beacham also remain popular, as are the feature articles in ICIS Chemical Business itself.

The most exciting development has been the launch of the ‘Boom, Gloom and New Normal’ eBook, and the associated New Normal seminars. This is being done with fellow-blogger John Richardson.

A very senior European central banker commented of Chapter 1 that it was “terribly interesting, really important work” – which seems praise indeed. Whilst a senior US policymaker has described Chapter 2 as “very good, very relevant and very interesting“.

Please click here if you have not yet got your free copy.

In addition, the blog continues to be invited to speak at major company, industry and sector events around the world.

Thank you very much for your continued support.