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Uncertainty builds around the world

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By Paul Hodges on 26-Mar-2011

Question mark.pngThe blog has built great loyalty amongst its readers. 24% visit it twice a week.

Recently, as during the 2008 financial Crisis, it has gained many new readers. They also want to better understand developments in the Middle East/N Africa (MENA), Japan, China, and oil markets, and what these might mean for future chemical demand.

The blog continues to believe that the key feature of today’s world is “uncertainty“. New readers might therefore like to read the blog’s New Year Outlook, Planning for Uncertainty, and its recent White Paper ‘Budgeting for Uncertainty’ (click here for free download).

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The blog’s New Normal concept highlights the major demographic changes underway. It believes these will create new global demand patterns, and new growth opportunities, for those who recognise them:

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